Buhari Can’t Manipulate 2019 Election Without The Support Nigerians–Ohanugo

Governorship candidate of Better Nigeria’s People’s Party (BNPP) during the last Anambra State governorship election, Chief Ikem Ohanugo, has said that the All Progressives Congress (APC), cannot successfully manipulate the 2019 general election without the  support of Nigerians.

Ohanugo who spoke in an interview in Onitsha said that there is every likelihood that APC would rig the February 2019  election but  stated that it was  dependent  on Nigerians and the number of voters who would  come out to vote on  the election day.

He said “the enthusiasm to come out to vote will determine what and where the result will go. As to whether they will manipulate the election,yes APC  will because Nigerians kept quiet when they built up  everything to their advantage.All the Service Chiefs, all the top security agents  are from one side of the country.What do you expect and they are fighting corruption. I keep on saying they are not fighting corruption”.

Ohanugo said much of the problems  of the country was that Nigerians  do not scoop water on time, rather they had to wait until the entire thing took over the room before they started scooping the water.

“The moment we saw the body language of the President Buhari’s complete nepotism, we should have been shouting. I don’t know why we were clapping for him. Where are our elites, who should have been complaining from day one? If we had started complaining from day one, when these things started, we would have known where we are today” said Ohanugo.

He said the only way to stop APC from manipulating 2019 election was for Nigerians to be extra alert and  be on the ground on the election day so that any attempt to rig the election will attract instant wrath of the people.

Ohanugo said ” if there is a good turn out and they try to manipulate the election, they will head to the rock”.

He challenged Ndigbo to abandon the apathy  they exhibited during elections and come out vote to vote massively in 2019 so as to correct the anomalies in the system.

“So I am telling our people if only they will  come out en masse and vote, those of us from South East and South and Ndigbo in diaspora and other parts of the country.Those who have concern for what is happening in the country should be able to come out to cast their votes. It is not only about South East and South South.It is about the entire country”he said.

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