I Will Run Robust, Issue Based Campign– Senator Eze

Alphonsus Nweze

The Enugu State All Progressives Congress (APC), governorship candidate  in February 2019 election, Chief Ayogu Eze, has assured that his campaign will be robust and issue based.

Senator Eze who spoke in Enugu  said in  his campaign team will hit all nook and cranny of the State to convince the voters to buy into his visions and ideas to change the face of the entire State.

The former chairman, Senate Committee on Works said he will not engage in campaign of mud-slings and character assassinations  but purely will be based on issues.

Senator Eze said he has what it takes to carry out  robust campaign, energy, preparedness, and passion to deliver “five star performance” in the State if elected.

The APC governorship candidate equally pledged to run transparent administration, saying that the Government of the day in the State has continued to impress it upon the people that the State has lean resources but that was not the true reflection of the financial situation of the State.

“Due to the fact that they don’t want to be transparent, they have been lying about the resources of the state. We have the takings this Government has been receiving. The Board of Internal Revenue has been generating  about N3b every month. And you have not considered all the interventions ; Paris Club refund; salary augmentation; and so many other sources of revenues that accrue to the State”

Continuing Senator Eze said “that is why I said under my watch the account of the state must be  audited and and published every year”.

Chief  Eze said if elected he would set up industrial park in the State which will bring different people from all parts of the globe to establish industries  in the state.

The journalist turned politician said this will generate about 200,000 jobs in a year when it becomes fully operational, saying that he  will set up an ambitious agricultural scheme with chains,  which will allow what is produced to be  taken to processing outlets, from where products can be sent to other parts of the country or shipped out of the country.

He said the state would be compartmentalized into different areas of comparative advantage with some producing vegetables, others tubers, while some will  specialise in other cash crops.

The agricultural programme, said Eze, will generate at least 200,000 jobs  within one  or two years.

He also assured that he will improve tourism sector in the state and  the environment of the State capital to the extent that  by the time you come to the city  within one year you will not recognize it.

Senator Eze also assured that he will set strong investment desk to leverage donor agencies and development partners in the stater state.

Eze said the taps in Enugu and Nsukka, which have been dry will start running  again within  one year of his assumption of power.

‘If within one year every tap in Enugu and Nsukka does not run, I will resign. It is not going to be up to one year, if not I will quit. That is going to be part of my swearing in address. We have identified sources of water with our partners. All we need is to bring down water and reticulate. Where we have difficulty is in Nsukka” the Governorship candidate said.

Ayogu said his government will equally build locomotive industrial park around Coal Camp to encourage the artisans in the state, arguing that if they had been encouraged  in the past, by now they would have been producing engine blocks and its accessories.

“I feel very strong about all these. I am not paying lip service to them. I feel we can deliver on all these. The Enugu you see today if you come here in the next one year , after we have taken over, you will not recognise it” he said.

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