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With utmost joy,  great humility and sincere gratitude to God Almighty, I welcome Deltans and Nigerians at large into the year 2018. A year that stands pivotal yet  promising for each and everyone of us all.

Before we head full swing into various individual and collective plans and projections for the new year,  it will serve us a great deal if, with all soberness and patriotic bias,  we highlight and examine the events of the past year. It is said that only the one who pauses to reminisce patterns and pathways taken,  juxtaposing realities with potential, can righteously make decisions that will pull the necessary strings for transformation in pivotal areas of individual and communal existence.

For every Deltan,  the year 2017 held so much promise,  in that it was the year which clearly elucidated the disposition of the Government towards the Governed. Coming as two years after the elections,  it was the period when the outspoken intentions of the government at the inception, was X-rayed and measured with succeeding/present obtainable realities.

As many are aware,  we can’t really spot any differences between the administrators of a decade ago and those presently at the helm, however the benefit of doubt has still been afforded to today’s administrators. Constitutionally, we are confined to a limitation of Four years per dispensation,  and logically, 2 years is the midway point where serious or inadequate actions are adjudged.

Ours (the entire Charles Nwadiani Team) is not to appear unnecessarily antagonistic, run a campaign of calumny, incite unhealthy disaffection or stoop below the parameters of intellectual and ideological engagements at areas where disparaging views are held.  We believe that the business of Government is not child’s meat, and as such should not be treated with kids gloves.  Nevertheless, We also observe that realities today may pale when compared with potential. To this end,  we volunteer to profer real time solutions and answers to the teeming issues of good governance, effective administration and a positive ideology.

As a person, I believe in participatory governance and the inclusion of the younger generation in the scheme of things, a practice I benefitted from during the period of my service to Lagos and Osun States, despite my origin as an indigene of Akumazi- Umuocha,  in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. This has groomed and equipped me with the right belief system for Governance and Leadership.
Sadly it will be observed in Delta State, that there exists a disconnect from this important ideology.  This informed the decision to get more involved in the affairs of our state and offer a much better alternative to the dominant occurrences.

There can’t exist an ‘above par’ pattern of growth in a society when there isn’t a proper back and forth flow of communication between the people and a people-oriented movement like ours,  hence it is important that avenues are created to ease this need.
An office complex situated along Nnebisi Road, Asaba is already receiving finishing touches, while Charles Nwadiani Foundation will similarly be taking up specific projects which will be insights to what we believe should be regarded as the right path for social and human resource propagation.

In conclusion,  I urge that we bear an open mind to the potential and possibilities in Delta State,  and also work towards entrenching a system that can safeguard our fortunes and that of the coming generation.
Change remains a positive social tool and Delta can get better with it.

I once again welcome you into 2018 and hope that we take social and political issues from a  boisterous and dynamic viewpoint.




Dr.  Charles Nwadiani

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