Onoghen Still Remains CJN- Oranusi

Alphonsus Nweze
A legal practitioner based in Onitsha, Anambra State, Chief Chuba Oranusi,has accused President Muhammad Buhari of deliberately working hard to destroy Nigeria because of his vaulting ambition to remain in office for a second term.

Oranusi wondered how can President Buhari who swore to defend and protect the construction of Federal Republic of Nigeria would be working so hard to destroy that construction.

He said “the president has little regard for the Constitution. He wanted to destroy the National Assembly but failed. Now it is the judiciary, another arm of Government”.

Advising the President to follow due process in removing the Chief Justice of the Federation (CJN), Walter Onoghen, Oranusi said the National Judicial Council (NJC) was the only body that has the constitutional powers to discipline Onoghen and indeed other judges in the country.

He said what surprised a lot of Nigerians is that another Supreme Court Judge put up himself to be sworn in as the Acting Chief Justice of the Federation,s saying that Onoghen still remains the CJN, since the President acted unconstitutionally.

He said that only resolution of the two – third of the Senate can remove the CJN.

He lamented that the President ignored all other Court orders but picked an ex parte order of a quasi judicial body, an executive organ to obey.

He called on the NJC, the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), body of benchers, Civil and pro-democracy organizations not to keep quiet and allow Nigeria to descend into crisis due to unconditional and illegal action of one man.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Civil Liberties Organizations (CLO), Anambra State chapter, Comrade Vincent Ezekwueme, has called on President Buhari to immediately reinstate Onoghen and follow due process and constitutionality in removing him.

He said “we are in a democratic government, all tenets and principles of democracy must be strictly adhered to.I am in support of unbiased war against corruption but fundamental rights of Nigerians must be respected”.

Ezekwueme asked Government to allow NJC and the Senate to resolve the crisis constitutionally.

“All Court pronouncements over the matter should be respected. The country deserve absolute peace and tranquility in view of 2019 general election in February and March.

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