Observing the fundamental qualities of a man who came up with SMART AGENDA for better living standard for all Deltans in the person of His Excellency, Senator Dr. A.I OKOWA (Executive Governor of Delta State).

The members of the team have highlighted the need for Deltans to vote OKOWA again for more progressive and prosperous Delta.

They were poised to point out that, Governor OKOWA is a man of His words because whenever He makes promises, He’s faithful in keeping them ,and Deltans themselves can testify to that.

They outlined the agenda of the Governor to include: Strategic wealth creation projects and provision of Jobs for all Deltans, Meaningful Peace building platforms aimed at political and social harmony; Agricultural reforms and accelerated industrialization, Relevant Health and Education policies; and Transformed Environment through Urban renewal.

Considering the points outlined above, the members stated that, Deltans can today justify the things the Governor met like the infrastructural deficit, low output in crude oil exploration, low allocation from federal government due to economic recession, amongst others which the Okowa led Administration have turned around with 317 roads (more coming), Reorientation of Deltans for right perceptions towards Governance which have brought the 2.5m barrels production of oil per day, Health care availability, Accessibility, Affordability via the contributory Health insurance scheme, youths empowerment through the job creation office (YAGEP,STEP, GEEP); Capital intensive projects like the Asaba stadium, Airport, and the state Secretariat, Renovation/Rehabilitation of primary/secondary schools as well as six Technical education across the state, and prompt payments of workers’ salaries, Sports. etc.

Having experienced the positive impacts of these promises ,Team Uzumnism are very optimistic that voting Governor OKOWA again is planting a seed for more progressive, robust and prosperous Delta state. Therefore, we encouraged all Deltans to remain resolute in preaching and reelecting the Governor come 2019.

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